Success Coaching or Life Coaching: Which One Do You Need?

Most people seem to be confused between life coaching and success coaching, but there is a difference. That difference is on the emphasis that the success coach centers on. So this means that there are various strategies and skills that a success coach may teach an individual, which is not used in by a life coach.

To be more specific, each type of coaching has a different way of defining goals. Success coach help clients who are aware of that specific goal in which they want to find success in. For example, a success coach can help an individual who want to find academic success. He can do this by helping the client, a student, find better study habits and find smarter ways to manage his or her time in order to achieve such goal. On the other hand, people normally seek the help of life coaches when they are uncertain of their specific goals in life. So the life coach will help that individual identify those aims. In short, both coaches help client achieve goals but success coaches focus on specific and definite goals, while life coaches work with a broader scope. 

However, the true successful outcome still lies on the client himself or herself and either coaches will only help guide him or her through the steps he decides to take. Both will help the client identify his or her goals and will help the client know how to focus on these goals. Either of the coaches will also help the client clarify these goals and identify strategies to achieve them. Both coaches will follow up and check on the progress of the client and continue to work on areas of improvement.

So, can a person be a life coach and a success coach at the same time? The truth is that the difference between life coaching and success coaching does not really matter. At this point, one can understand why many people tend to use the labels interchangeably.  For a client, what matters is the goal that he wants to achieve and both coaches can definitely help him with that. A life coach can do what a success coach can or vice versa. Only that one has a wider scope than the other.

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